Sailing Lessons

Introduction to Sail or Sail 001

Have your first hands on experience on a sailboat. The student will have a good feel of what sailing is about. This introductory class has duration of 3 hours

Cost of the course :$125.00

Ask for group discount

Basic Keel Boat Sailing Class (Sail 101)

Learn the basics of sailboat navigation under the standards of the US Sailing Association. This course will enable the student to steer and sail trim a sailing boat as well as learn the essentials of navigation rules. This course consists of three classes for a total of 10 hours in water and 2 hours at the dock

Cost of the course :$600.00

Ask for group discount

Power Boating & Basic Navigation (Nav 101)

Learn the basics of power boating on the classroom and on the water. This course will teach the student to operate a power driven vessel taking in consideration the navigation rules, safety standards and regulation. This course has duration of 20 hours, 6 of them on the water.

Cost of the course:$650.00 , $1,500.00 private

Private classes or Captain Service

You can have a private class in your own boat or in our boat just for you at your own convenience or hire one of our captains to make your trip or delivery.

Cost per hour :$95.00 minimum two hours